Bangor Students Union

Bangor Students Union Facility is currently in the process of being redeveloped in a multimillion pound investment. The new facility called thePontio Centre will be in the same location as the original Students’ Union. The aim of the Pontio Centre is to be a world class art and innovation facility and will be completed in 2013. The current students’ union is located at Bryn Haul near the Ffriddoedd Site.

Bangor students Union is at the heart of the students’ social life be it for its clubs and societies or for its nightlife. The Union’s supports a broad range range of clubs and societies. The Athletic Union has around 45 different sports clubs attracts 5000 students annually. The Students’ Union has over 65 different societies and there’s an activity to suit all.

The union also has UMCB department to support students who speak Welsh, learning Welsh or are interest in the Welsh Language or culture. They provide great opportunities for those’s wishing to learn Welsh in a friendly social environment. Why don’t you give it a go!

Bangor Students Union has its own Newspaper called Seren (star in Welsh)  and it publishes monthly on student matters and world affairs. The paper has been publishing since 1983. The university also has its own radio station called Storm.

Do you study in Bangor? What do you think of the Bangor’s Students Union?

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